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Have you ever found somewhere cool and thought "I must come back here" and then forgot? Or have you tried to tell friends about somewhere but you couldn't quite remember where it was? Then Pin Drop is what you need in your life!

Best of 2013


  1. Privacy

    Selectively Share

    We're firm believers in allowing you to do what you want with your content. You can set the privacy on a pin level: private, restricted (certain people and groups) or public.

  2. Collaborate

    Community Eco Systems

    Collaborative tags are topical eco-systems of awesomeness. Create your own collaborative tags with friends or the public. Perfect for privately planning that holiday all the way to that bachelor party. It's about anything and anywhere!

  3. Friends

    Social Mapping

    Mapping is all about being social and there's no better way to discover places than with friends and colleagues. Now you can find and follow friends within the app.

  4. Media

    Make Stronger Memories

    Attach more memories to an individual pin with the introduction of multiple photos.

  5. Curated

    The Best By The Best

    We've got collections of places from around the world by experts. Never question where the best coffee spot is or how to find the best boutique hotel or gin bar.

  6. Sync

    Secure Backup

    With automatic syncing all of your content is securely backed up to the Pin Drop servers. If you lose your phone all of your data will be safe and secure on the Pin Drop.

  7. Save

    Never Lose Anything

    Save your favourite places from other people's public collections, collaborative tags and curated lists meaning you can view when you have no data connection.

  8. Work

    Streamline Your Business

    We've seen people doing some amazing things for their businesses using Pin Drop. You can see some of the uses we've uncovered in the work section below.

  9. Organise

    Nice & Tidy

    There's nothing more annoying than having a lot of content you can't find. Use the tags to colour, theme and create collections of places to make it easy to find and share the things you want.


Just some of the professions using Pin Drop to streamline their business in mobile:

Tradesmen (Builders, Carpenters, Plumbers), Telecomms Companies, Haulage & Shipping Companies, Couriers & Delivery Drivers, Taxis, Real Estate Agencies, Travel Agencies, Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire), Mountain Rescue, Park Rangers, PA’s, Concierge & Hotels Groups, Event & Festival Organisers, Charity Outreach Programmes, Pilots, Location Scouts, Town Planners, Photographers, Pilots, Surveyors...

  • Streamline business
  • Route tracking
  • Customer management
  • Schedule management
  • Group management
  • Mobile content
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Just a few ways people use PIn Drop to enjoy the world around them:

Holiday & Trip Planning, Sightseeing, Custom City Guides, Archeology, Geneology, Coffee Spots, Memories, Urbex, Geocaching, Foraging, Shopping, Salvage Hunting, Bars & Clubs, Restaurants & Cafes, Walking & Hiking, Bird Watching, Biking, House Hunting, Driving, Photography, BMXing, Skateboarding, Surfing, Hunting & Fishing, Family Friendly...

  • Friends, family & groups
  • Selective sharing
  • Collaborative tags
  • Import & export content
  • Curated inspiration
  • Secure backup
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  • Techcrunch ...Answers a need Foursquare missed...

    Nov 2013 (UK)

  • GQ Russia ...will indicate the exact path to the nearest whiskey bar...

    Feb 2012 (Russia)

  • The Sunday Times ...don't get lost on the way to your new favourite hang-out.

    Feb 2012 (UK)

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Pin Drop HQ

Pin Drop was born out of the limitations of other mobile mapping applications. They're aiming to make Pin Drop the default social mapping platform on mobile, helping you to stream your business or simply to help you enjoy the world around you.

The app is designed and developed by the small but perfectly formed award-winning team at Caffeinehit from their studios in Shoreditch, London.

Pin Drop
c/o Caffeinehit Ltd
54 Rivington Street

office: +44 (0)207 729 2255

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